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First, it would ensure the feasibility of the project for Southwest Gas.

Businesses represent a dependable and predictable customer base.

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George in Utah as two cities whose recent booming growth, both financially and in population, can be attributed in part to the presence of natural gas.“In areas that currently have natural gas, it is an integral part of that job creation and manufacturing process,” he said.

For a city eagerly looking to expand on its own economic capability, natural gas is seen by some as not only Mesquite’s greatest benefactor, but as an infrastructural requisite going forward.

If we lose too much load, it puts us in jeopardy of having to pay more for power because we have contracts in place and we've got to take care of those contracts."Cooper added, "We also have to be careful that we don’t grow too fast because that puts us outside the bounds of the contract.

So there is a bandwidth in there where that relationship with Southwest Gas is going to be helpful to us, if we get outside that could potentially hurt us a little bit."Implementing natural gas in residential homes is a tall task.

Litman said that natural gas has the potential to be a “big attraction” to companies looking at Mesquite.“I think natural gas is going to be very good, especially with [Exit] 118 out there,” said Litman.

“We don’t know what the future needs are going to be in the park as far as companies coming in.David Ballweg, executive board member of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, said that the majority of homes in Mesquite do not have the infrastructure to support natural gas.Providing that infrastructure would be a massive undertaking that would require, in most cases, an upheaval of property.The exact spot where a new pipeline would be built, and the corresponding length and size of the pipeline, are details for a later date.Establishing a stable of business customers addresses two paramount issues facing the project.The estimated cost of building a pipeline and bringing natural gas to Mesquite is virtually impossible to determine right now.

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