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Of the 46 convicted offenders, half served no prison time.

At least 25 Outagamie cases involved teenagers willingly engaging in sex that resulted in criminal charges.

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In 31 of the 81 second-degree cases, the offender and victim were fewer than five years apart in age.

Unlike first-degree and repeated child sexual assault, which involve offenders in their 30s on average, second-degree cases were against defendants with an average age of 24. Tyler Hutchison was 16 years old when he began having sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend, court records state.

Post-Crescent Media's analysis of the cases showed that some offenders charged with the worst assaults received less severe punishments than other offenders.

Pillow was charged in 2013 with repeated child sexual assault and child enticement involving his 15-year-old babysitter when he was 28.

There are few viable defenses in child sexual assault cases."It's a strict liability crime.

You don't have to have the purpose in mind to do something criminal," said defense attorney Rod Streicher. Like a speeding ticket, you could not know you're speeding, but it doesn't matter."The belief that every sex offender is a dark, evil predator can have serious consequences, said Kenneth Lanning, a former FBI special agent who spent 20 years analyzing crimes against children and sexual victimization."I see it as problematic," Lanning said.

"And at that point, the judge has no idea what (the victim) looks like, and they're thinking, 'Well of course you're going to say that.'"Lanning, who continued consulting with law enforcement and other agencies following his FBI career, said the public still grapples with cases that don't fit black-and-white scenarios of sex offenders and victims."Society prefers (to believe) all the children are good and sweet and innocent and the adults are evil, but there are so many cases where that doesn't fit," Lanning said.

"The reason we protect children isn't because they're innocent angels; it's because they're developmentally immature and they don't understand the consequences of their behavior."In several Outagamie County cases, offenders said sex with an underage victim was consensual, although Wisconsin law states that juveniles under 18 are incapable of giving consent.

But I think that's a little bit unfair."Half of the 66 defendants with resolved second-degree cases did not end up on the sex offender registry, including 26 who received a deferred prosecution agreement or were convicted of a misdemeanor as part of a plea agreement.

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