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The 1850s saw a decline in both the status and numbers of free people of color, due to tensions leading up to the Civil War, which caused many to emigrate, and to severe yellow fever epidemics.

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The Contessa Entelinna Society of New Orleans was founded in 1886 as a mutual aid society, the Società Italiana de Beneficenza Contessa Entellina.

It has helped to maintain the identity of the Contessioti into the 21st century.

Contessa Entellina / Kundisa provides historical and genealogical information about the Contessioti.

People of East, Southeast, and South Asian descent live throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs.

Each of our speakers drew upon their extensive use of local historic resources to study the ethnic groups that make up the fabric of New Orleans. Promotes and coordinates research and publication on members, particularly recently arrived members, of the larger, more established non-Western-European ethnic communities in Louisiana.

Panel members: John Magill, Historic New Orleans Collection The British influence in New Orleans, one of the West European influences one does not so often associate with French New Orleans. thesis (Louisiana State University, 1978) under title: The Relations Between the French of Colonial Louisiana and the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians, 1699-1762.) De Pascual, Linda, Jean Greenfield, Susan Miller, Barbara Molnar, Christye Robley, Mary (Polly) Starnes, and Judith Wester. Louisiana Marriage Contracts: a Compilation of Abstracts from Records of the Superior Council of Louisiana during the French Regime, 1725-1758. The research listed focusses heavily on the New Orleans area. Libro primero de confirmaciones de esta parroquia de Sn.

The Francophone community, in particular, was characterized by racial and residential mixture, maintaining ties with their European-descended relatives.

Freed and escaping slaves, primarily Anglophones, made their way from other parts of the country to the city.

Scope note: This program extended principally to European immigration and to those ethnic groups from Europe and Africa that have joined with immigrants from the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world in helping to form the unique society of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Nouveaux voyages aux Indes Occidentales: contenant une relation des differens peuples qui habitent les environs du grand fleuve Saint-Louis, appellé vulgairement le Mississippi: leur religion, leur gouvernement, leurs mœurs, leurs guerres & leur commerce. Even though the legal status of slaves and free blacks was less favorable after Louisiana became part of the US, the gens libres de couleur continued to do well through the 1840s.

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