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It has the fifth lowest cost of living in the area, which includes everything from groceries and dining out to rent and home prices.It’s also a great place to meet other singles, by simply walking out your door—it’s second only to Ardmore for its walkability.The population is made up of 53.06 percent females and 46.94 percent males, which means less available men. Of course you may not find yourself alone for that long in Drexel Hill, seeing as you’ll probably bump into about 10 other unmarried folks while you’re out walking around. But places like Chickie’s and Pete’s have you covered for the big game.

Bryn Mawr has plenty of restaurants and arts and entertainment venues for everyone—that you can walk to!

Example: the oh-so-awesome Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Okay, straight women, pay attention because this affects you: there is a staggering difference between the number of men and women in this community. Ladies, we’re sorry, but do not move here if you’re looking to meet a young, single man.

And the most important thing, there are tons of women and men here, so everyone wins! If you’ve ever visited Philly and the surrounding area, you know that it’s a pretty exciting place to be… Then we weighted these scores so that unmarried population was worth 40 percent of the overall score, the difference between male and female populations was worth 30, and the remaining categories were worth 10.

King of Prussia is one of the least walkable suburbs around Philadelphia, with a Walk Score of just 33 out of 100. Finally, we averaged all of these weighted scores into one overall Big Deal Score, where the 10 lowest scores went to our 10 best ‘burbs for singles.

If you’re single and thinking that Feasterville sounds like a good option because of its relatively low home prices, rent prices, and overall cost of living, you’re not alone—hence the 55 percent of the population there who are also unmarried. Just 46.08 percent of residents here are unmarried.

Once again, ladies, the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to meeting a single man here. There are also limited options when it comes to going out in Haddon Heights, with some of the fewest restaurants and arts and entertainment venues per capita.

We looked at all of Philadelphia’s suburbs in terms of these criteria: Here’s why you’ll love Marlton: This place is great for both singles looking to meet somebody, and for those who are perfectly happy just staying solo.

Barrington, NJ The reason this is the list you can go by is that it’s based strictly on facts.

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