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Once he arrived in the early hours of September 21, he discovered her body and called the emergency services. Despite efforts to save her life, the teenager died. I feel there is no point in me even being here." Ashli's mother didn't attend the inquest.

"I thought maybe she had fallen asleep by the monument. In a statement paid tribute to her daughter: "Ashli was a lovely young girl, unique, different, and quirky. She would have grown up to be a lovely person." Her mother said in the weeks before her death there had been a problem with two girls at school bullying Ashli.

We sat near a group of people who were playing cribbage around a large table.

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I brushed her hair out of her face and her lips were blue. She didn't think it was a big problem and that Ashli was dealing with it.

--- Copyright 2017 - Distributed by THE CALIFORNIA NETWORK Pope Francis Prayer Intentions for OCTOBER 2017 Workers and the Unemployed.

We’re used to cocktails composed of 1/3 liquor and 2/3 seltzer at twice the price and our superhero lady bartender flipped this ratio upside down. You’re not going to find anything fancy, and with drinks this strong, that’s OK.

We devoured our taco which was filled with flavorful ground beef, cheese, chopped white onion, crunchy iceberg lettuce, and pickled jalapeno.

I want the Cheers experience and so I’m on this quest to experience every bar in Mason City.

My drink order will be whatever the bartender recommends as that establishment’s quintessential beverage. We began our quest last weekend at Willow Run Lounge, a little bar perched along the main drag between the Willow Inn Motel and a drive-through liquor store.

A sandwich board facing the street advertises homemade tacos to curious passerbyers.

On the Saturday after Halloween, the bar was packed around 6 p.m.

A 20-year-old man has been arrested after his teenage girlfriend threw herself from a 100-foot monument.

Hampshire Police officers in the United Kingdom made their arrest after investigating the suicide of 15-year-old Ashli Cook.

As a new[ish] Mason City resident, I’m taking Jake on a quest to explore Mason City via interesting bars.

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