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And the lowered self worth has increased women's and girls' vulnerability to domination and even abuse.Females in many cultures are still struggling to replace those self-perceptions with real forms of empowerment. Its circulation has fallen from a high of 5.6 million in 1975 to 800,000 today. The leading analyses, including by its executives, center on the abundance of sexual images now available on the Internet, invading Playboy's niche.

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But I have to think at least part of Playboy’s problem is that new generations of men don’t necessarily subscribe to the view that Hefner and his magazine have — of women’s sexuality as created for male entertainment.

There have been international movements to value women for their inherent worth rather than their perky breasts or skinny waists, and what they can do to make themselves exciting to men.

But when Madison was severely depressed and asked to see a psychiatrist, he forbade it.

Madison’s book described an environment in which girlfriends were isolated, had to stay near Hefner all evening at parties and could only leave to go to the bathroom.

Is this really so different from some religious fundamentalists' efforts to isolate women, with restrictions on their freedom of movement and dictates against wearing revealing dress styles?

Some suppress women’s sexuality while others exploit it.

This story was originally published in the August 30th, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone. He has the most famous parties, with the most famous guests, and their fame is the source of his own. So famous that it isn't called "a house." So famous that it isn't even called "a mansion." It is The Mansion, always with capital letters, always the definite article.

Because he is famous for his work, and he is famous for his women, but mostly, he is famous for his friends, that swirling swarm of spectacular celebrities who perpetually grace his grounds. It was The Mansion when it was first built, in the late 1950s, in Chicago, a brick manse on the Gold Coast.

It made women see themselves that way too, breeding insecurity and limiting ambitions.

That has helped fuel eating disorders and enrich the plastic surgery industry.

Even if Hefner were right that his magazine influenced more people worldwide than any other in the 20th century, what was that influence?

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