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Every day I would take her to this place she called prison and if I questioned any issues I had was made to feel like an over protective parent?

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haha They have an amazing sense of humour and can find the funny side of almost anything..

All these things made me sure they were happier at home as they wasn't like this at school. Still in the early stages, I had a wobble in first few days but the kids are loving it!!

I am new HE with my two beautiful daughters age 9 and 5.

I have amazing support from my husband, but family and friends not so much as we are the first people they know personally to HE?

We have already adapted to the 'schooling' side of home education as my children are very inquisitive! They are telling me what they to learn and I just have to provide the resources.

My only concern is socialising (not sure this is my concern or fed up of family nags)..

They are quite content with each others company majority of the time except the odd day of 'sisters will be sisters' and as a family we are very close and enjoy spending time together whenever we can.

The final push to HE with my eldest was her lack of opinion.

She does Guides, tennis, lego club and a comic drawing club. Take a look on FB for local groups, there are bound to be some, but also look at sports centres, libraries etc.

There is bound to be a wealth of things going on that your children can join in with. That is where most home educators are and where details of groups are posted.

She also has the advantage of mixing with a lot of adults as well as children, so is able to converse naturally with both, a skill many schooled children lack.

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