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But if a would-be buyer signals an intent to purchase sex, the bot pivots sharply into a stern message.“Buying sex from anyone is illegal and can cause serious long term harm to the victim, as well as further the cycle of human trafficking,” goes one such message.

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Or at least an approach that's more pragmatic for the here and now.

Basically, Kasisto relies on algorithms that carefully define how the service will work, as opposed to algorithms that learn on their own from data.

Without leaving our favorite messaging app, the thinking goes, we'll hail rides from Uber, book plane flights from United, and, yes, check in on our bank accounts—all in a wonderfully conversational way.

But here's the rub: artificial intelligence hasn't quite progressed to the point where it really carry on a conversation—where it can always give us what we're asking for. And My Kai goes on to ask if I'm interested in connecting to Venmo, so I easily send money to people too. But when I ask who won the Spain-Italy match at Euro 2016, it suggests I take another tack.

He's trying to compete with Alibaba, the Chinese company that has already brought so many banking tasks online, but he also believes banking bots can take off in the U. Even in China, it should be said, people don't really use chatbots. But it's evolving, with Kasisto also working to with banks like DBS to deeply integrate it with their systems.

When they juggle various Internet services through We Chat, they send pre-defined codes or press certain software buttons.

This bot can bring up your latest bank balance or tell you how much you're paying in fees or instantly wire money across the 'net.

"We're doing things you can't do as quickly in other ways," says Dror Oren, Kasisto's vice president of product. All of which makes it a great way of deconstructing the tech world's ever growing obsession with "chatbots."In recent months, some of the Internet biggest names have put their weight behind this big idea, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

But that's China, where the Internet evolved in very different ways.

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