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I got a call later from Mr Davis, still in a noisy room after claiming he'd be going outside to call me, saying that his wife was wanting to turn in the phone and take action.

At that point, I had calmed down knowing I really wasn't in any trouble after finding out about the scam, I could tell that Mr Davis was just fishing for me to try and offer to pay him off or something without saying it just repeating the same thing over and over.

21, 2016 we heard from another young man targeted by this scammer who ALSO identified himself as "James Davis" and used the number 843-274-8997.

His "wife" (most likely the subject in the photos) was on the way to the station to press charges.

Then he has a change of heart and decides to talk her out of it.

We do not necessarily believe that the scammer is located in S.

Carolina, but the phone number he is using appears that way.

The point is that most of these scams are likely perpetrated by the same criminal.] In every instance, these scams have caused significant emotional strain to the victims.

One young man contacted us with this story and was so upset and shaken for about two weeks that he would not let us publish what happened to him, even if we posted it anonymously.

He said that as long as she didn't say she was 15 (which she never did, all indications said she was 29) that they can't prosecute you for that.

I'm assuming they leave the "I'm 15" part out because 99% of men would immediately stop talking to someone that young.

She asked for my name and age, which I found weird since I mentioned my name on my initial app message and age was on my profile.

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