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The provision, had it been enacted, would have remained in effect for two years, and would have allowed Congress to approve of changes with a fast-tracked, up-or-down vote.

In 2011, Obama signed an executive order titled Delivering an Efficient, Effective, and Accountable Government as part of his “campaign to cut waste.” The order created a new accountability board to “help federal agencies improve their performance and reduce waste,” and required Vice President Biden to meet regularly with Cabinet members to identify wasteful spending and make government work better. Bush administration proposed the Government Reorganization and Program Performance Improvement Act, which would have created commissions to identify areas of overlap and programs to be restructured or terminated.

Canada takes part in some ESA programmes under a Cooperation Agreement.

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The order will require a “thorough examination” of every executive branch agency to identify “where money can be saved and services improved,” Trump said while flanked by his Cabinet at a signing ceremony.

Part of the proposed solution could result in a federal workforce reduction, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the review could determine there are “too many people performing a function.” Trump and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will ask agencies to “review themselves” to conduct the “long overdue reorganization,” Spicer said.

The president said he wanted to empower his Cabinet -- "one of the greatest Cabinets in history" -- to make their agencies "as lean and effective as possible." "They know how to do it," he said.

Each agency leader will submit to Mulvaney a plan for reducing waste within 180 days.

consolidation, integration - the act of combining into an integral whole; "a consolidation of two corporations"; "after their consolidation the two bills were passed unanimously"; "the defendants asked for a consolidation of the actions against them" de l'ensemble de son reseau d'agences via un nouveau systeme d'information qui permet a ses clients de beneficier en temps reel et en tout lieu d'une amelioration de service, a indique, hier, un communique de cette institution.

16 October 2013 ESA is set to begin developing a new generation of satellites propelled by solar electric thrusters, following the signing of a contract with SES of Luxembourg for the next phase of the Electra project.

Electra is a partnership between ESA and satellite operator SES to define, develop and validate in space an electric-only propulsion platform for geostationary telecommunication satellites of around 3 tonnes launch mass. Electra is the first partnership project established under ESA’s programme, which supports market-driven innovations from industry that require flight heritage and in-orbit validation – proof that they work in space – so that they are more readily embraced by the marketplace.

ARTES-33 requires a partnership between a manufacturer and a user of the innovative capabilities and demands that innovation is validated in a commercially representative environment.

“SES is not only a world-leading satellite operator but also a key reference for the consolidation of OHB as a prime contractor in the commercial satcom sector.” About the European Space Agency The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space.

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