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In order to motivate James Marsden to move in the general direction of whatever the fuck he's looking for, MIB lies and tells him that Wyatt's kidnapped Dolores. Dolores launches into a monologue about choices and changing her life. Anthony Hopkins is like, “Honey, I don't even watch this show.” Anthony Hopkins leaves, and Dolores speaks aloud to, theoretically, Arnold. I really feel like these long “adventure” sequences are just designed to placate the old white dudes who watch this show and are like, “I thought this was supposed to be a Western!!!!

Anthony Hopkins asks the Man in Black why he ripped off his name from the hit Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones vehicle.

Both occasionally say something to James Marsden that will make him feel bad about himself.

The Confederado says war is better than sex, and that's why he's not having sex.

He tries to convince DF and FLRWG to join his (fake) cause.

The foursome arrive in the white-trash version of , where everybody is fucking in dirty carriages and wearing cheap skull makeup from the MAC sample counter.

DF and FLRWG have a boring business chat about how DF is trying to buy out the park, then stumble upon the Confederados, a group of (fake) bored men who scam people as a (fake) career and who are the “key to the [fake] game” in that they lead to (fake) war.

They're looking at Thandie Newton's naked bod — in a cool fun twist, Thandie Newton is naked and mostly unconscious this entire ep — and wondering about her many robot injuries. ” FLRWG is like, “Yeah, that's probably why so many people come here. I must find them and haunt them for eternity.” Dolores — who now seems to understand when FLRWG and DF start talking about her being a robot but, as such, is also now appropriately bored by their chatter — wanders off, wondering if she can find a human lover who doesn't sound like he's only read Mitch Albom books for the duration of his life. this is either taking place in a separate time period or somebody's already found Lawrence, cleaned him up, and put him back in his original loop.

One of them, Felix, is scarred from the last time Thandie jolted up off the table and is trying to experiment on a robot bird to confirm his fears. How many types of faux-complex good cop/bad cop male relationships can this show explore in a given episode? I just feel like this show would be a lot better if Barbra Streisand were somehow involved. Instead, she spots her doppelgänger throwing major side-eye in a crowd of skull-painted hooligans and chases after her. Anthony Hopkins and Dolores are having — you guessed it — a chat at HQ. Anthony Hopkins is trying to discern whether Dolores has been speaking to Arnold “again,” and holding her hand while doing it, for some reason. He disses Felix by telling him he's neither an ornithologist nor a coder (way harsh, Tai) and that “personality testing should've weeded you out in the embryo.” In other words, these crazy kids are either robots, or set, DF and FLRWG and Dolores are wasting their time and also all of our time. They return Slim (his name is Slim, please keep up) to Lawrence in hopes that he'll intro them to the Confederados, I don't fucking know, this is so boring, help.

This leads to a brilliant sequence dramatizing Elliot’s six-day speed binge of amped-up faux-happiness and clarity, complete with computer alert sounds echoing his footsteps, compression artifacts blurring his reality, and culminating in the human equivalent of the kernel panic that gives the episode its title.

The Adderall finally wears off while Elliot sits in his church group and, as he goes off on a rant against the idea of God, it becomes clear that the voice we are hearing is Mr. Rami Malek changes his entire vocal pattern and cadence to mimic Christian Slater’s bombastic style.

James Marsden and Man in Black are chatting beneath the tree Lawrence is hanging from. Anthony Hopkins's voice — is he in the crowd, or hovering above, like me, the ghost? Dolores is like, “Arnold and I haven't talked in 34 years, and this stool is hurting my li'l butt.” Anthony Hopkins asks her a series of rhetorical questions that she somehow understands are rhetorical. Dolores has another disturbing flashback and tries to connect with Lawrence over the fact that they're both “seeking something.” Lawrence asks them to steal some nitroglycerin so he and the Confederados can blow shit up later. The only positive thing to come out of all of this is that Dolores gets a cute new outfit.

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