Sedating a patient

A lot of times I have told an tearful patient Nobody might ever understand what youre going through not even me.

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He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine & Preventive Medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Graduate Health Sciences and formerly served as the Director of the Methodist Hospital Comprehensive Pain Institute (Memphis, TN).

A review of the National Library of Medicine will find dozens of publications that he has authored or co-authored on regional pain syndromes, neuromodulation, managing cancer pain and the compassionate use of opiates.

But they keep complaining anyway and thats because most of the pain is probably in their heads.

At that point, one of the few women in the class stood up and asked, if you think the pain is in their heads why are you taking out their bladders?

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We thank them for their support and encouragement of IC patients throughout the world. Daniel Brookoff, currently Attending Physician at Integrative Treatment Center in Westminster CO.At that point the professor ended the class, leaving the medical students with the impression that the best approach to patients with interstitial cystitis was to avoid them.With that in mind, he told the lady with IC pain that she really should see a urologist since he only treated cancer patients.In the days when his practice was limited to oncology (the treatment of cancer patients), the sister of one of his cancer patients who had come back to life when her cancer pain came under control came to him and asked if he could help her with her pain. She replied that she didnt have cancer, that she had bladder pain from interstitial cystitis. B said he actually remembered the one lecture in medical school where they had mentioned interstitial cystitis (he claims to still have the notes he thinks theyre on parchment).The professor had said something to the effect that, you try this treatment, then you try that treatment and you usually end up having to remove their bladders.If opioid use is required for a prolonged period in a pregnant woman, advise the patient of the risk of neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome and ensure that appropriate treatment will be available.

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