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I combine the strategies, tactics and interactions that trigger attraction along with the subliminal programs to rapidly change your internal belief system.

Everything is online, and the purchase will say Clickbank – very bland.

This allows you to read all of the material online and download the over 36 hours of subliminal messages (fastest way to change your behavior and the same tools Airforce Drone Pilots use in training).

And that is what is so special about this site, and why I have had 1000’s of sales and only 2 refunds.

What some students have said: I stumbled across your website a couple of months ago somehow (ROK? After reading through some of your articles I realized you had some good advice which was clearly explained with no bullshit or fluff (like any good engineer’s written work).

Anyway, a friend of mine, as of a few weeks ago, was a college virgin.

But do you know how to respond so she will keep touching you for many dates to come?

If you handle it wrong, she'll be touching some other guy next week, and she probably won't even remember your name.You are going to learn exactly how to open, talk, and seduce a woman by focusing on your mental belief system.My training is intended to help you understand and grow your: Attitude – How you see yourself in the world Behavior – Your interactions with the world Technique – Strategies and tactics in the world Conscious – The aware focus of your mind Subconscious – The robotic autopilot function of your mind This is all hard hitting information that can save you YEARS of trial and error or study.Unless your mom is the coolest chick in the world, I wouldn’t discuss this with her.It has a 60 Day money back Guarantee – Try it for 58 days.Every thing in this program is focused to build these primary attractors. How you look is not a primary attractor, however your physical body can help you on 3 fronts: 1) Looks (athletic men tend to get the hottest women on average) 2) Confidence (the stronger you look, the more respect you automatically get) 3) Sexual Stamina – Once you get her into bed, you want to rock her world. I have also stripped out all of the crap in seduction.

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