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Annual Visitors: 2 million Thirty years ago Ephesus was a nearly forgotten Roman ruin in an area of sparsely populated Turkish villages. The library and other buildings have been restored to give a sense of this large city 2,000 years ago, and concerts are still held in the 25,000-seat theater.

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Annual Visitors: 1.9 million The terraced Pyramids of the Sun and Moon dominate the ancient plaza of this sacred city built between the first and seventh centuries.

At 250 yards on a side and 200 feet tall, the Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world.

It stretches for 5,500 miles across China, and its most beautiful section happens to be easily accessible—within 70 miles of Beijing. 80, the arena held 50,000 spectators who watched mythology-based dramas and reenactments of land and sea battles as well as executions, fights-to-the-death among gladiators, and the ghastly slaughter of wild animals.

While much of what is visible today was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), construction began on various sections as far back as 770 B. Credit goes to the million slaves and prisoners of war who carried blocks of granite, bricks, stones, and dirt on their backs up to the top of the ridgelines. The underground pits where those gladiators awaited their demise were opened to visitors in 2010 along with the 110-foot-high upper ring of seats, which offer panoramic views of the Eternal City.

Annual Visitors: 5.1 million The social center of Rome for 1,200 years beginning in the fifth century B.

C., this 700-yard-long piazza has been both marketplace and government center.Perhaps it’s the individuality of these clay statues that makes them so compelling.They were arranged in rows in covered pits as part of a necropolis for Emperor Qin Shi Huang.We used numbers from verifiable sources, such as tourism boards, ministries of culture, archaeological surveys, and local newspapers.Annual Visitors: 9–10 million The Great Wall: a name so simple, yet so powerful.Americans recognize other ruins as the model for our own monuments, notably those of the National Mall in Washington, D. “When we look at the Acropolis with its majestic Parthenon in Athens, we don’t just see a monument to Classical Greece,” observes John Papadopoulos, chair of the archaeology interdepartmental program at UCLA, citing it as a worldwide inspiration for democracy.

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