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I am not at work so I am not able to post the code I currently have.

screenupdating vba mac-65

If the file 'is PDF (PDF form here) the macro opens the file, reads specific fields the file 'and writes the values in the sheet Read.

Dim str Forms Folder As String Dim str Field Names(1 To 7) As String Dim obj FSO As Object Dim obj Source Folder As Object Dim obj File Item As Object Dim j As Integer Dim Last Row As Long Dim obj Acro App As Object Dim obj Acro AVDoc As Object Dim obj Acro PDDoc As Object Dim obj JSO As Object Dim str PDFOut Path As String str Field Names(1) = "First Name" str Field Names(2) = "Last Name" str Field Names(3) = "City" str Field Names(4) = "Country" str Field Names(5) = "E-mail" str Field Names(6) = "Type Of Registration" str Field Names(7) = "Previous Attendee" On Error Resume Next Set obj JSO = Nothing Set obj Acro PDDoc = Nothing Set obj Acro AVDoc = Nothing Set obj Acro App = Nothing Set obj File Item = Nothing Set obj Source Folder = Nothing Set obj FSO = Nothing Exit Sub End If Next j The field names will be shown (highlighted in black color), so you can edit them according to your needs. Communication: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin.

Moreover, if you have data in an XML file, you can import the data in Excel and then run the macros provided here.

For demonstration purposes, I have created a sample conference PDF form (Test Form).

Some days ago Mac commented in an old post about a problem he had with a PDF form.

He actually wanted to fill the fields of a PDF form using data from an XML file.

'The code uses late binding, so no reference to external library is required.

'However, the code works ONLY with Adobe Professional, so don't try to use it with 'Adobe Reader because you will get an "Active X component can't create object" error.

I am able to create slides and populate data and tables just fine.

What I cannot do: Copy 7 header rows (title, status, legend and header rows), and a filtered set of data section by section into new slides into the open PPT presentation.

'The code uses late binding, so no reference to external library is required.

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