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Megan and Scotty struck up a close relationship during their time together in the famous reality TV home, but following Megan’s eviction Scotty kissed Tiffany and even flashed her in the shower.

The Ex on the Beach star grilled Scotty during a mock press conference which included Luisa Zissman and Vanessa Feltz.

Lines that people associate with something or someone by way of Pop-Cultural Osmosis, despite having never been uttered by them, or only rarely.

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It was also revealed that before cast members can even approach love interests, they have to be approached by members of security or production, and if they then want to return to the house they have to be filmed in interviews and have their passport verified. Show policy: Explaining the safeguarding procedures that take place during filming, the 29-year-old reality star confessed that producers have to approach any love interests and speak to them three times - including one filmed encounter The revelation comes as Scott claimed he got hot and heavy with Zahida Allen during the explosive scenes in season 14.

At the time, the pair insisted it was just a kiss, but Scotty told The Mirror that the Ex On The Beach beauty - who is in a relationship with Sean Pratt - had performed a sex act on him in the toilet.

This is all well and good, but we here at TV Tropes think people should at least know what the line they're paraphrasing is bumper sticker - "Beam me up, Scotty, there's no intelligent life on this planet." It finally made an appearance in the franchise when William Shatner himself said it in the audiobook version of his 1995 novel version of the command was said to him with any regularity. See also Dead Unicorn Trope, Cowboy Be Bop at His Computer, Mondegreen, God Never Said That.

If the misassociated line is eventually co-opted into the source as a sort of Shout-Out to the confusion, it becomes an Ascended Meme.

The misquote provides context necessary to recognize or appreciate the reference, as in "Luke, I Am Your Father", or fills in parts of the sentence that are orphaned from the interesting bit, as in "Hell [has no] fury like a woman scorned".

Sometimes the trailer shortened the quote to save time, and its version became better known.

If the quote becomes the only thing associated with a person, it's a case of Never Live It Down.

This trope can be extended to Iconic Items the character never actually had, such as Holmes' deerstalker.

And that doesn’t leave me much time in the day to work on Commander Kitty.

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Megan Mc Kenna left Scotty T red faced after she re-entered the house to grill the Geordie Shore star about his kiss with Tiffany Pollard.

I know I'm single but I did have a thing with Megan.

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