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I got home, and there was a message on my voicemail saying I got the job.

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I had three auditions that day, and this was the second one. I had been auditioning for a couple years and not getting the role, but the feedback was always, "He’s so good! " It’s like when you don’t care anymore, you’re just going to get me [at my most real]. I’m late for this other [audition], I’ll probably get a ticket [outside], so can I get out of here, please? Scott: I did the thing, [they were all] lovely, we all bonded, OK, bye bye.

I wore a thermal shirt, blue top, kind of just loose, whatever. The pilot script was so good; they were going to offer it to stars, so what was I wasting my time for? I have another audition, I have to get out of here! " I said, "No, what do you mean, there’s another scene? " I said, "Alright, I’ll go do it," because I didn’t care anymore. I went outside, looked at it, came back in, did it, and then said, "OK, can I go now?

Glamour: The hat you're wearing right now is very stylish.

Nobody got any closure or got to say goodbye or anything. It’s open-ended, but some people could…the door is open. And since you’ll probably crash the economy on Black Friday, you’ll have to do what you can to make it recover by making more of those Tiffany purchases.

The actor was emotional about the decision but wasn't "terribly surprised" by it. In the "Fall" episode, Luke and Lorelai finally tied the knot. " Patterson recently told Entertainment Tonight of the TV couple's future.

Even if the egos weren't involved and they weren't trying to be world famous.

Glamour: What was different for you coming to set this time around? When we got canceled, I was on Canada on a movie set. Glamour: Lauren said Amy had so much material that she couldn’t even fit it all in. Glamour: So do you think there’s room for more after this? I mean, there is to a certain extent, but I can’t go into detail.

You think that was difficult on us, what about the wardrobe team? We were all more appreciative because we knew we were there a limited period of time. It was going to be three-and-a-half months, and there was a chance this would be it and there wouldn’t be anymore after this. They know these characters so well, and I don’t want to give anything away, but I don’t know that there’s necessarily any real resolution in these four [episodes].

Even if Oliver Queen or her dad couldn't get her a job on their security detail because of nepotism laws, surely they could pull some strings to get her work in a similar field!

If nothing else, you'd think Sara would be able to come up with a new identity for herself with her assassin training, particularly given how easily she's able to acquire the means of breaking into The Time Bureau.

Influences Army of Darkness (the scene of Sara working retail is like Ash and his job at S-Mart), the Men In Black movies (the mind-erasing device and the general look of The Time Agents), the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (Caesar quotes a line from it during his speech to the toga party, Nate quotes it when questioning Sara) and the movie Back To The Future II (the heroes have to stop a villain who used a book from the future to change history after allowing said book to wind up in the hands of said villain in the first place.) Goofs It's hard to believe The Legends would just walk around a dinosaur-filled Los Angeles in their civies as nonchalantly as they do in the opening scene.

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