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We are very divided, and I feel like all we need to do is be a little more one-on-one," she explained.

"Get our porcupine needles down and realize we're all the same."Kimmel, who is taking the rest of the week off on paternity leave, took to Instagram Tuesday to thank fans for their "outpouring" of support.

Kimmel and Damon have even engaged in “couples therapy” to help mend their quarreling, but, by the looks of Kimmel’s Instagram profile, the feud carries on.

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Looking very bridal with both ladies wearing white and Kimmel dressed in a tux, the threesome happily posed for a photo together with big smiles.

Kimmel, 45, and Silverman, 42, dated for five years before calling it quits in 2009 — and have remained friendly ever since.

Just a couple hours before the Oscars, Kimmel sat down with E!

The pair, however, still have their work cut out for them, as evidenced by Damon's attempt to sneak onto the show disguised as Kimmel's actual guest, Dr. Sporting a horrifying bald cap and mustache, and spouting faux Texas-isms — "A squirrel in a top hat is like a donkey in a dress: You can take it to the prom, but if you try to make it wear lipstick, you're gonna get kicked" — Damon did finally take a long-coveted seat in the guest chair, but Kimmel blew his cover.

Sarah Silverman is thinking of her ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, and his family.

ET caught up with the 46-year-old actress at Hulu's upfronts presentation at La Sirena in New York City on Wednesday, where she opened up about the heartbreaking monologue Kimmel delivered on his show Monday night, revealing that his newborn son was born with a heart condition.

The actor continued: "So he came backstage, and I asked him what that was about. I was doing a particularly lame show; I think my guests were a ventriloquist and a guy in a monkey suit.

We were wrapping it up, and there was a smattering of applause in the audience."'I was having kind of a low moment, and I just said, "My apologies to Matt Damon; we ran out of time". But it made us laugh, so we started doing it every night.

Smart move, dumbass.") and only got worse from there.

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