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There are characters like him everywhere - they get hired in schools, old folks homes, zoo's, safari parks.

People can be complete scum bags but it's not the circus as a whole.

This beast has been living with these people for 57 years.

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Then there were the bigger horses and then another horse with Bobby Robert's grand-daughter riding.

During the horses act, there was a huge woman dressed in black helping in the background.

Seit einiger Zeit spielen neben den thailändischen Feiertagen auch die chinesischen eine grosse Rolle.

Neben den Thais spielen die chinesischen Touristen eine immer grössere Rolle.

Are you all just daft wee lemins that follow the next explosive headline - have you found something new to read since news of the worlds closed down.

I really do despair with all these folk that can't have any diversity in their lives.Have a bloody good hard look at yourselves with your higher that thou attitude. turned your hand to a child, shouted down a dog, put out traps...Yes these are ALL animals - go be Buddhists or something and stop being a damn headache for people that want to do the best for the world and EVERYTHING in it. I believe my angry probably takes away from any sense I can make. Didnt realise beforehand that animals were part of the show.There was also a very good tumbler / buffoon that did a great act on a flexible lamp-post.These were the highlights of an otherwise dreadful experience. After I'd seen the ponies being whipped round the ring a few times, it got a bit boring.Audience members were invited to come to the ring entrance and "pay a small fee".

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