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Over all I cannot say that this was any better or worse than the best of the UK seasons – it was different and I think that the overall writing was more solid, with more realistic reactions/impacts than later seasons of the UK series.The dynamics and character development, I think, were so changed by the end of the season that I genuinely look forward to seeing where they take this.

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The storyline of the young boy, Bernie (Jason Spevack) , being befriended by Aiden and taking a vampire porn disc created by Rebecca is still there but changes as the disc clearly shows a male and female participant – the mother simply separating Aiden from her son as a pervert, without the Daily Mail-esque false accusations of child molestation and the hysteria thereafter.

This story also shows how the writers changed the show’s dynamic (with this and some other storylines) by having the story run over two episodes.

Interestingly Juniper is added into lore, Juniper being able to cause a temporary, rigor mortis like paralysis in a vampire.

Both a stake through the heart and beheading will kill a vampire and when they die they crumble into dust.

So, a US version, the actors (by the initial publicity shots) seemed too polished – they weren’t, to be fair – and I wondered why the producers would bother.

However, by the end of the UK season 3 we knew that the vampire character Mitchell was out of any subsequent series and recently (at the time of writing this review) it seemed the werewolf character George was not to be reprised by Russell Tovey – honestly, I am left wondering what the point of a fourth season would be but it also meant that the future of the franchise has to be placed well and truly in the US series’ hands. The series used the basic plot of the pilot episode and the first UK series, with some aspects lifted from the later UK series, but then really changed the show.

Significantly vampires now have reflections and can be filmed.

This changes the dynamic of the entire storyline (as it might have developed) as there is no sneaking in and out of places as Mitchell did in the UK series because CCTV wouldn’t catch him.

Interestingly they sleep through the daylight hours, either in coffins or suspended in burlap sacks (because it is traditional, not because they have to) and live a rural life that is a juxtaposition of an almost puritanical lifestyle mingled with truly monstrous appetites and vampiric behaviour, where the urban vampires are comfortable in the light and have blood dens where willing victims offer a taste of their blood. Gone is the entire religious theme, which played a part in the UK series.

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