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What historians do know is that Abigail Williams was born on July 12, 1680.At the time of the Salem Witch Trials, Abigail was living with her uncle, Reverend Samuel Parris, his daughter Betty Parris and Parris’ slaves Tituba and John Indian.

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At this time, Mary Sibley, a member of his church, gave directions to John Indian how to find out, who bewitched Betsy Parris and Nabby Williams. The means used to make the discovery, was to make a cake of rye meal, with the urine of the children, and bake it in the ashes, and give it to a dog to eat.

Similar disgusting practices appear to have been used to discover and kill witches, during the whole period of the delusion.” Just a few days after the witch cake incident, the afflicted girls named three women they believed were bewitching them: Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne.

The women were arrested and examined on March 1, 1692.

During Tituba’s examination she confessed that she was a witch and warned the court that there were other witches in Salem. offered her the book, but she was resolved she would not take it, saying often, I wont, I wont, I wont take it, I do not know what book it is; I am sure it is none of God’s book; it is the Devil’s book for ought I know. They said it was our blood, and they had it twice that day.

After that date, Williams disappears from the court hearings, for reasons unknown.

It is possible her uncle, Reverend Samuel Parris, sent her away to prevent her from further participating in the witch trials, just like he sent his daughter away, but there is no evidence of this.

And after it was read, she said, It is a long text…And in the afternoon, Abigail Williams, upon my referring to my doctrine, said to me, I know no doctrine you had, If you did name one, I have forgot it. Ann Putnam, another afflicted girl, said, There was a yellow bird sat on my hat as it hang on the pin in the pulpit; but those that were by, restrained her from speaking aloud about it.” Also according to Lawson’s account, On March 31, the colonists held a public fast due to the suspicious activities in the village, during which Abigail Williams claimed she saw witches having a sacrament that day at a house in the village. He explained that he based the entire play on this idea after he read about how Williams tried to strike Elizabeth Proctor during her examination but instead brought her hand down gently and softly touched Elizabeth before screaming out that her fingers burned: In this remarkably observed gesture of a troubled young girl, I believed, a play became possible.

Abigail said she saw the witches eating and drinking flesh and blood, which appeared as red bread and a red drink. Elizabeth Proctor had been the orphaned Abigail’s mistress, and they had lived together in the same small house until Elizabeth fired the girl.

Ann Putnam, Jr., and the other afflicted girls soon started experiencing the same symptoms.

At the end of February, Reverend Samuel Parris called for a doctor, who is believed to be Doctor William Griggs, but he couldn’t find anything wrong with the girls and determined they must be bewitched, according to Samuel Page Fowler in his book Account of the Life and Character of Rev. Parris appears to have been much astonished, when the physicians informed him, that his daughter and niece were, no doubt, under an evil hand. Parris endeavored to keep the opinion of the physicians a secret, at least, till he could determine what course to pursue.

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