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After all, people are generally willing to pay for activities they enjoy as much as they do sex.

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Some believe the practice serves as a salve for common psychological afflictions, such as an unfulfilled appetite for sex, love or romance.

Others paint a dimmer portrait of johns, believing they are typically driven by chauvinistic motives, such as a desire to dominate and control women.

For example, the men who demanded sex without condoms tended to score higher on aggression, and married and well-to-do customers practiced unprotected sex more frequently than others did.

“The more secure and orderly a man's life is, the more he believes in his own invulnerability,” Kleiber concludes.

Some of them may indeed be driven purely by sexual impulse.

In a study of johns sponsored by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, sociologist Udo Gerheim of the University of Bremen, Germany, found that many of these men are either sexually frustrated (because they are not getting satisfying sex elsewhere) or hedonists who want to live out their erotic fantasies in a red-light setting.

The research underscores the diversity of the men who pay for sex.

Accordingly, these individuals seek prostitutes for varied reasons.

Månsson reported that 14 percent of Dutch men have bought sex as compared with nearly 40 percent of men in Spain.

(Prostitution is legal in both countries.) And according to HYDRA, a Berlin-based organization that provides legal advice and other aid to prostitutes, up to three quarters of men in Germany, which also has legalized prostitution, have paid for sexual services.

Overall, an estimated 16 percent of men pay for sex in the U.

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