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The two arranged to meet at Viktoria's apartment for dinner, where she served up a dish to die for. Olga Tsvyk: She want to make like, suicide, you know? That her investigation was so outstanding, that if she ever wants to be a detective he would hire her.

Nadia Ford: I hope this trip will bring me some sort of closure. After taking that lie detector test, Viktoria decided not to stick around for the official results. Borukhov passed out, and while he remained unconscious, Viktoria allegedly went on a shopping spree. Olga Tsvyk, a Queens stylist, is another survivor of Viktoria's cooking. Peter Van Sant: Did you pick it up and take a bite? Olga Tsvyk: Probably, I ate the soup because I don't remember. I believe that she poisoned soup too, because it was not enough with cheesecake. There, etched in stone is her mother's name -- but something is missing. …if she's not gonna tell me how she killed, tell me the date, when.

Ruben Borukhov: The only thing I remember, I just took one bite of fish and I was out of it in five minutes. When Tsvyk woke up, Viktoria was standing at her bedside with a second course: a bowl of hot soup. Herman Weisberg: Nadia Ford is a very intelligent person. She did things that a lot of people wouldn't have thought were possible. In a cemetery not far from where her mother was abducted, Nadia was finally able to give Alla a proper funeral.

Nadia Ford: Unfortunately that happened on Monday when I came to work and I -- print out my mom's phone log -- phone call log, and I saw the last person who called her. Nadia Ford: And then the police are going after her. That I'm so angry and I'm so, like, I'm ready to freakin' kill her. Nadia Ford [motioning towards the refrigerator]: There is no fingerprints on the metal handles.

"Viktoria claimed that Alla was on a trip with a friend, and that her phone had probably died. Peter Van Sant: So what raised suspicion about Viktoria for you? Nadia Ford: And then she ran up the stairs and then I'm like, "Where are you going? "Peter Van Sant: And she runs up here, are you chasing her? Viktoria retreated to her apartment, not knowing that Nadia had called the police who were lying in wait. Nadia Ford: Everything was spotless clean and it's a kitchen.

She called Viktoria and asked her to meet out in front of the apartment building. And what are you communicating to her with this rough hug of yours? Nadia Ford: [Inside the closet with a flashlight]: In Russian—den'gi—it means money. Nadia Ford: It tells me that the last person, the person who kidnapped her, the person who she was with at that moment -- that's Viktoria. One night she drove six hours after getting a tip that her mother was in a hospital. Peter Van Sant: But you gotta get access to these photographs. Pictures from that traffic camera changed everything. Nadia finally had solid proof that Viktoria knew what happened to her mom. So they brought her in for questioning and then they gave her a lie detector test. The video also shows Borukhov being carried by paramedics to the hospital.

It had been only three days since Nadia last heard from her mom. Peter Van Sant: What are the police and the district attorney and what are these people saying to you? Nadia Ford: "Crazy American daughter who's looking for her mother." Peter Van Sant: You may have been a little crazy, but you had a purpose. Undaunted, Nadia carried on her search -- posting flyers and driving thousands of miles across Russia searching for clues. What if traffic cameras photographed Viktoria the night Nadia's mother went missing? That's the speeding camera that showed that my mom was with Viktoria. Peter Van Sant: And what's the date that this picture was taken? Nadia Ford: Back in 2014, this camera gave me hope. They had confirmed Viktoria rented the car with plates matching what was seen on the traffic camera. After cleaning out the cash register, Viktoria fled the scene. Nadia Ford: My mom gave me the most important thing in life …

Herman Weisberg: The "Mitzvah Lady" looked into her eyes and -- and saw that she was going through the worst possible situation and just couldn't help herself. …The person who raised two kids back in, you know, Russia in '90s on her own, have four or five jobs and, and you know, trying to give her kids the best.

Ford now had one of New York's finest private investigators on the case trying to solve the disappearance of her mother, Alla Aleksenko.

A glamorous seductress with a love for furs made an error while driving through Russia.

It seems she forgot to hide the body of her alleged victim -- whom she had in the front seat of her rental car.

And when people find themselves a target of bad people, they … It all started with a mysterious wealthy woman with a heart of gold. she's affectionately known as the "Mitzvah Lady" around our office.

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