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De Georgiou wore a pastel halter top with a very short pleated skirt.Yesterday, as Brand left a yoga class, he was seen carrying roses — potentially for his new love interest.

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The pair’s divorce is expected to be finalized this summer.

The problem is most people reading such commentary will just think Those Are Just Dumb Shallow Celebrities And I’m Not Like That™ so I Can Make It Work™. And of course, he falls in love with her instantly too. THIS is the guy who will clearly be her Valentine “every February”. He’ll be your Valentine for Februaries and then he’ll be out of there and on to the next female he can mount so he can start the NRE all over again with someone new.

However, Katie Price was more interested in grilling Russell about his sex addiction past and asked him for advice regarding husband Kieran, whom it was recently revealed had cheated on her again.

The mum of five, who earlier revealed she wanted more children, questioned Russell about whether there was such thing as sex addiction and revealed that her husband – who in the past revealed he was a sex addict – is refusing to leave her and get help.

Therefore there would be no point in harping about every celebrity divorce even if I wanted to. After all, she’s one of the best looking celebrity women in the world. Katy and Russel, being two completely unaware people, mistake NRE for love. Of course, if for some reason he calmed down, stuck around, and allowed himself to become betaed, Katy would eventually get bored, divorce him, find a New Guy™ and get excited about her new NRE all over again.

I’m not going to talk about Katy’s and Russel’s extremely predictable divorce. Since Katy (and likely Russel too) thought NRE equaled love (which it does not) and equaled long-term compatibility (which it does not), she married the drug addicted alcoholic self-harming bi-polar sex addict without a prenup.

My parents have been married for almost 41 years now, and they still love each other, but their NRE died decades ago. Love is You think I’m pretty Without any makeup on You think I’m funny When I tell the punchline wrong Now every February You’ll be my Valentine, Valentine You make me feel Like I’m livin’ a Teenage dream The way you turn me on I can’t sleep My heart stops When you look at me Just one touch Now baby I believe This is real My missing puzzle piece I’m complete I have always known that this song, like so many others, is a quintessential description of wonderful, powerful, delusional NRE. This is a bi-polar and bulimic drug addict, alcoholic, and sex addict so promiscuous he had a British “Shagger” award named after him.

This is something I’m sure she thought was impossible while she was in NRE and her lawyers were begging her to get him to sign a prenup and she responded by saying “No! Countless times I have warned people who, during NRE, have decided to move in together, or have a baby, or purchase a car or home together, or get married, or whatever. Anger, defensiveness, calling me an “asshole” 😀 and a lecture about how They’re Different™ or They’ve Changed™ and They Can Make It Work™.

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The two strolled shoulder to shoulder, appearing to graze hands.

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