Rules for dating friends of exes

During their relationship you found yourself developing feelings that went far beyond a physical attraction.

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I believe if two people are meant to end up together, they will ultimately find their way to or back to each other.

However, as a relationship researcher, I recognize and sympathize that fate is not always in our favor.

Before viscerally responding “no” to breaking the guy/girl code, hear me out.

Let’s set the stage: Your friend was dating an amazing girl.

Before risking a friendship, figure out if the relationship is worth the drama that can potentially unfold.

If it’s just a fling, maybe sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened.

“Now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other,” she adds.

“And just because you have the same taste in men, we don’t hold that against each other.” That’s a pretty progressive point of view — and not necessarily one exclusive to celebs who move in A-list social circles.

It doesn’t have to be an “ask” so much as a heads up to let them know your intentions.

If the friend does have a problem with this, the choice to mess up the squad is completely up to you.

Not only is it exhausting, repetitive and sometimes taxing, it can be frustrating.

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