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Note: If you like to get the latest updates from Tech, you can either subscribe to the RSS feed or get a consolidated list of all posts in one mail everyday in your inbox. Feedity Feedity is a simple online tool to create RSS feed for any webpage.

In addition to the automatically generated feeds, you can add a small level of refining like adding a Start and End block, to notify the service where each post starts and ends.

Like Hub Spot, every blogging platform includes RSS functionality by default.

Keep in mind, a blog site is different from a regular web page, in that a blog is constantly updated.

Feed Fire You simply register at Feed Fire, input the URL of the page and Feed Fire does the rest for you in the fraction of a second.

All that’s needed is a FULL URL to the page you would like to have made into RSS.

In terms of features, Dapper has the most detailed and extensive options, so make sure you read their tutorials. Feed Marklet Feedmarklet gives you your own RSS feed instantly, with no sign up required, probably the simplest and the easiest to use, but it requires manual updating of the feed that you generate.

Using a bookmarklet button in the browser bookmark bar, users can easily add any page to the feed quickly.If you wish to, you can upgrade to premium account where advance features like data integration, RSS feed merging etc are provided. Feed43 Feed43 engine converts free-form HTML or XML documents to valid RSS feeds by extracting snippets of text or HTML.This service is not simple like Feedity, but if you want complete control over your generated feed, this is a great tool. Feed Yes With Feed Yes, you can generate feeds for any website or specific page, you can syndicate those feeds and put the headlines on your own website. Web RSS With Web RSS, you can Create, Market and Track RSS Feeds for FREE!As I say, despite poor subscriptions for many feeds, papers pump out RSS feeds as if there’s no tomorrow – the second column in the table shows how many feeds (rounded) that each paper has.But despite this, it’s clear some papers agree with me – and have already given up on RSS feeds and no longer actively promote them.Update, 2 days later: Paul lets me guest post here (ie I wrote this, not him). (You can read some of the defences of RSS here and here) The table below shows that only 3 of the 9 national newspapers have an RSS feed with more than 10,000 subscribers in Google Reader.

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