Rss feeds not updating in firefox

However, we were unpleasantly surprised to find out that there are no options whatsoever: it's just a nice way to check out your live bookmarks, which are shown in the sidebar, while the actual articles are shown in the main Firefox window.

We're guessing that Beatnik is in its early stage and that more options are on the way, but as it is, we can recommend it only to users who want simplicity and zero options. Info RSS If RSS Ticker doesn't have enough options for you, try Info RSS.

Absolutely everything is customizable about this ticker - the entire list of options is far too long to be listed here.

You can add feeds manually, but it also supports Live Bookmarks, from which you can enable or disable individual feeds.

As far as options go, you can set the interval in which feeds are updated, and - very important - refreshing all feeds on startups.

You can stop or pause the ticker, mark all items as read with a single click, or manage your feed subscriptions directly from the tiny toolbar.

But, all that will seem like nothing after you go into its options: what's probably heaven for powerusers will surely be overwhelming for those of more casual variety.

Time to round them up and see what they have to offer.

Wizz Wizz definitely deserves the title of a "full-featured RSS reader".

We'd also like to see more way to list feed items, because clicking on directories and subdirectories can be tiresome if you have a lot of feeds.

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