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The promotion of the disc included playing on the road with the Danielson Famile, with whom he began regularly working.

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Thomas also performs as a stand-up comedian under the name Sheila Saputo.

In March 2006, Rosie was invited by Toronto indie rock label Paper Bag Records to exclusively contribute to their compilation with her song “Faith’s Silver Elephant”.

Despite the record's narrowed focus, it was among the best reviewed work that year and made many critics' year-end lists.

In 2004, Stevens released his follow-up, Seven Swans, a thoughtful, spiritual, and quasi-mystical collection of stand-alone songs produced by Danielson Famile mastermind Daniel Smith.

“I felt that in order to push myself musically, I would have to take myself outside of what is familiar,” Thomas, who approached her songwriting technique and vocal delivery using a fresh methodology during the recording process, explains.

Her intense focus and admirable openness paid off: from the palpably raw explorations of learning to love on “Guess It May” to her warm duet with songwriter Ed Harcourt on “Let It Be Me,” If Songs Could Be Held exists as Thomas’ masterwork, lyrically painted with a bright and dynamic emotional palette.An all-new studio album, the surreal electronic pop manifesto The Age of Adz, arrived later, in October of that year.In 2012 Stevens released the five-EP box set Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols.In April 2006, Pitchfork erroneously announced that Thomas and Sufjan Stevens were having a baby together, but were forced to print a retraction.Denison Witmer and Thomas later admitted it was an April Fools’ prank.6-10, the sequel to 2006's Songs for Christmas, Vols. The year 2014 brought the release of Sisyphus, a collaboration between Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti.

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