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Realbotix welcomes custom work and may also consider licensing this technology in the future.

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Realdoll Realdoll has built a solid reputation over the past 20 years as the world’s finest silicone doll.

These dolls are being used as the exclusive platform for our robotics hardware, and we are designing the products we create to integrate with as many Realdoll bodies as possible.

The possibilities offered by this approach are nearly limitless, as any appropriately designed face equipped with the magnetic key points can be animated using the Realbotix head system.

Coupled with the customizable nature of the Harmony app, and the ever growing number of TTS synthesized voices available, one could truly create any character imaginable.

Progress on this system as well as other design elements will be posted and announced on this site.

Power and Processors: Power supply and processing will be external, housed in a small portable enclosure, which will contain rechargeable batteries sufficient for hours of unplugged use.

For more information on Realdoll and the various doll configurations available, please visit the Realdoll website directly at

Robotic Head System Our initial robotics efforts are focused on animating the head and face.

As we near production this number may fluctuate slightly and information will be posted on this site.

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