Rg1 register not updating

Note: The RG–1 Build report (R75I380) uses the opening balances for items from the F75I380 table.

These registers are the PLA, Cenvat credit RM, and Cenvat credit CG registers.

You must set processing options to: You can create an entry in the duty payment register only for the current month for an excise unit.

When you select a record on the Work with Register Entries form, the system retrieves details for the selected record from the Excise - MODVAT/ PLA Summary File YARN SPECIFIC table (F75I310Y) and generates a PLA entry number.

After you confirm the PLA entry number, the system updates the Excise - PLA Chapter Wise Transaction File for Yarn Industry table (F75I315Y) and stores the PLA entry number in the F75I310Y or F75I311 table.

This section provides overviews of entries in the excise registers, balance entries for RG1 register, RG1 table update for excise duty, payment of interest for excise duty, and the PLA credit confirmation.

This section also lists prerequisites, and discusses how to: You use the PLA/AII/CII (Credit/Debit) Entry program (P75I311) to create a debit or credit entry for all tax types in the excise duty payment registers.The system stores the RG23A-II, RG23C-II, and PLA debit amounts in the F75I380 table.Run the RG–1 Build report (R75I380) to calculate excise components, such as basic excise duty and additional excise duty for items, and to update the Excise RG1 Transaction table (F75I380) when you move the items from the manufacturer's premise.You use the Amount of Interest Paid/Month (RG-1) program (P75I382) to create an entry for the payment of interest on excise duty.You must pay this interest if you exceed the due date for the payment of excise duty for the respective month.When you create an entry, the system generates a batch number and displays it in a message box.

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