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Ironically, Postal Telegraph was sold to Western Union in 1943.

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There are definitely locals who enjoy the food and shows at the casinos Reno is known for, but most of us prefer to leave the gambling to those guys from the Bay area, and go enjoy the rest of Reno. Bring some cold, juicy watermelon to enjoy while you dangle your feet in the water at the Riverwalk, or jump in and have a splash war before heading out to an air-conditioned lunch.

Date ideas are plentiful here, once you start thinking beyond the casinos! • Party with Locals – The Freight House District, next to Aces Ballpark, is a haven for locals.

At that time, the Mackay-Bennett system serviced about two-thirds of the world with telecommunications.

Also, at this time the first "wireless" transatlantic telegrams were being sent and it was obvious that a wireless-radio communications system would become the next telecommunications technical revolution. Ed Nally went on to become VP of American Marconi and later the first president of RCA (in 1919.)In 1925, Clarence Mackay formed Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company.

Nowadays, Mackay Communications Company is doing business out of North Carolina. Mackay's wealth - acquired in Virginia City, Nevada - he would not have had the financial wealth and power to form the vast telecommunications company that eventually allowed his son, Clarence Mackay, to form Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company. Even Jay Gould said that he couldn't beat John Mackay because ",..he (Mackay) needed more money he would just go to Nevada and dig up some more." The historic telecommunications and radio connection to Nevada is certainly real and Mackay and his telecommunications companies there at the beginning.

Shown below are three examples of Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company shipboard radio receivers.Smile and enjoy view of the valley's outrageously red rocks, lush green floor, and the wispy clouds drifting lazily overhead.At e Harmony, we've helped thousands of singles like you find the ideal companion for local dating in Reno.Additionally, Great Northern Cable Company and Eastern Telegraph Company were added to the ever growing Mackay-Bennett system.John Mackay died in London in 1902 and his son, Clarence Mackay (photo left) inherited all of the telecommunications businesses and saw to the completion of the transpacific system in 1904.Raycraft, Nevada's "Father of Wireless" ~ ~ Amateur Wireless Operation in Nevada ~ ~ America's First Radio Tour ~ ~ Nevada's Earliest Radio Broadcast Stations ~ was a 1922 promotional trek to expose the rural West to the possibilities of RADIO. All non-credited photos and all text on this webpage are property of Henry Rogers/Western Historic Radio Museum and are subject to copyright laws. Mackay is best known in Nevada as one of the "Big Four" of the Comstock, the mining district located in Virginia City, Nevada.

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