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Kalish repeated her study with 1,300 participants in 2004-5, a time when Facebook and email changed the way we reconnect with former partners.The number of people who were still with their ‘lost love’ after rekindling the relationship was far lower—just 5%—though Kalish says this is largely due to the higher number of extramarital affairs (62% were married compared to 30% in the earlier survey.) Of those who left their marriages to stay with their former sweetheart, Kalish says the divorce rate was just 0.4%.“For most, they [the relationships] are intense because they finally get to ‘right the wrong.’ They feel like this is the person they were meant to be with,” says Kalish.”We used to marry when we were 17, 18, but nowadays there’s education, there’s other things we do first, and so we’re marrying later and we wind up with these lost loves—somebody who 100 years ago you would’ve married at 17.

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Reuniting an old relationship might be immediately easy and intense, but it seems that many couples manage to last through the initial euphoria and build a stable relationship.

And while a couples are unlikely to work a second time round if they fought constantly and were unhappy together, prospects are better for those who had no good reason for breaking up in the first place.

You’ve freshly fallen for someone new and are having amazing sex, the best dates, and every adventure with them is exciting. The sex gets boring, your dates become routine, and you’re far too comfortable with them for anything to be exciting.

There’s just something about getting too comfortable with someone that takes all the fire out of a relationship—which sucks! Don’t you want to feel like you’re a lovesick teenager again? Not all relationships that get past the honeymoon phase are doomed forever—obviously.

But if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, you may need some outside help to get things back on the track of fun and excitement. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to rekindle your relationship and bring back the fire that has slowly gone out.

[Read: 15 reasons why most couples get bored with their relationship] #1 Address the problem at hand.

So for those who just can’t forget their lost love, the ‘one who got away’ needn’t be gone for good.

If you’ve ever gone through the honeymoon phase with anyone, you know I’m right.

There’s no excitement there and definitely no spark.

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