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The Hungarian Reformed Church maintains educational institutions, almost 80 primary schools, 28 high schools, 47 nurseries and several vocational schools and the Bethesda Hospital.There are diaconal institutions and conference centres.

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They are governed synodically and their relation to the respective canton (in Switzerland, there are no church-state regulations on country-level) ranges from independent to close collaboration, depending on historical developments.

A distinctive of the Swiss Reformed churches in Zwingli tradition is their historically almost symbiotic link to the state (cantons) which is only loosening gradually in the present.

The believers are predominantly (95%) Hungarian so the worship language is also Hungarian. The Romanian Hungarian are very religious the religion is community binding.

The German Reformed Church (Reformierte Kirche) forms, together with German Lutheran and united Protestant churches, the umbrella named Evangelical Church in Germany (German: Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland) or EKD.

In this land was founded the Kiralyhagomellek Reformed District. The Confessions of these churches are the Apostles Creed, the Heidelberg Catechism.

In the church buildings especially in smaller villages the men and women sitting separated and the childrend and those who were not yet married were sitting in the church choir or gallery.

This date is the founding date of the Transylvanian Reformed Church.

Partium was an adjected part of Transylvania it was a separated geographical area, the Hungarian-transylvanian princes ruled this part too.

The Reformed Church in Hungary, Transylvania and southern Slovakia is one of the largest branches of the Reformed movement.

The Reformed Church is the second largest church in Hungary, it has 4 seminaries in the country (Debrecen, Papa, Budapest, Sarospatak).

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