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In cases like this one, Facebook and Snapchat could very easily find themselves on the hook for sex crimes right along with their more demonized digital counterparts.

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For now, here's part one of Cinema Blend's Sex and the City guided tour: : Let's start with a location that looks entirely mundane, unless you were there the day that flocks of trailers and production assistants turned this pretty corner into complete chaos.

Yes, this is the Starbucks nearest to my office, and yeah, I kind of did want a latte the day they shut the whole thing down to shoot Sex and the City: The Movie.

He also asked to meet for oral sex and, when "she" agreed, showed up at place they had arranged. "The Court finds the information set forth by the defense is not sufficient to rebut the presumption of detention and no set or combination of conditions would assure the safety of the community," wrote Sickel.

O'Kimosh was charged in a complaint filed last Friday in the U. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. While it's refreshing to see a cop get held accountable for a change, calling O'Kimosh a threat to community safety seems a bit melodramatic.

Some are already stalwarts for any Sex and the City tour, but others are New York favorites that may also, God forbid, become tourist favorites once it becomes known that Carrie & co. Throughout this week, leading up to the release of Sex and the City, we'll take you on a tour of the rea-life places of Carrie Bradshaw's world.

Check in tomorrow for more locations, photos, and some real-life recommendations from when your dreams are Sex and the City glamorous, but your wallet is as thin as a pair of stiletto heels.

Also stop by the big, black cube in the middle of Astor Place, and try to give it a spin.

I promise that's not just a myth New Yorkers tell tourists to make them look dumb.

No adult, especially not one sworn to uphold the law, should be sexting with a teenager, let alone propositioning one.

But considering the kinds of things that cops in this country frequently get away with—murder, sexual assault, physical abuse, actual sex with minors—the severe concern in this case rings either a bit paranoid or a bit hollow.

But there are other locations in New York that weren't landmarks until Sex and the City made them famous-- and some that won't be well-known until the movie comes out on May 30.

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