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Viber service is widely available across Android, Blackberry, i OS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada and more.

Traditional wireless CCTV cameras are cheap but anyone with a wireless receiver can view your signal.

i havent been coming here for long, but ive already met some unique n wonderful people here!

To do that, edit the file and add the following external command: You can also run a shell script and send a notification to another computer.

I use growl to send a quick popup alert to my Mac each time motion is detected.

There are definitely some knob heads, but without them, it would be boring! It's the greatest time killer ever.i have only been coming to these chat rooms for about 4 months and i have met a lot of new friends :).

It's a great place to go to just talk to people.

On the other hand, IP cameras are secure but they can be quite expensive and usually the video quality is poor — unless you go for a really expensive model.

Lately I wanted to install a home surveillance system so I chose to use a cheap Logitech webcam with Raspberry Pi and motion, an excellent linux program that monitors video signal for changes and triggers events.

It needs to be user friendly, inexpensive and it must have lots of features.

Do you make a lot of phone calls on your i Phone or Android?

Since the release of Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5, millions of people switched their phone from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy. As we all know, smartphone has been playing an essential role in our life.

When considering switch the device, we need to think about how to transfer the data from the old device to fresh one.

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