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Men and women may masturbate until they are close to orgasm, stop for a while to reduce excitement, and then resume masturbating. This "stop and go" build-up, known as "edging", can achieve even stronger orgasms.The most common masturbation technique among males is to hold the penis with a loose fist and then to move the hand up and down the shaft.

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The legal status of masturbation has also varied through history and masturbation in public is illegal in most countries.

In the Western world, masturbation in private or with a partner is generally considered a normal and healthy part of sexual enjoyment.

Various medical and psychological benefits have been attributed to a healthy attitude toward sexual activity in general and to masturbation in particular.

No causal relationship is known between masturbation and any form of mental or physical disorder.

It may also involve touching, rubbing, or pinching the nipples or other erogenous zones while masturbating.

Both sexes sometimes apply lubricating substances to intensify sensation.

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The glans itself may widen and lengthen as the stimulation continues, becoming slightly darker in colour, while the gliding action of the foreskin reduces friction.

This technique may also be used by some circumcised men who have sufficient excess skin remaining from their circumcision.

Male masturbation techniques may differ between males who have been circumcised and those who have not.

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