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When it comes to love, Bollywood celebrities are not far behind the characters they portray on-screen.

Last week, Katrina and Salman Khan set tongues wagging when the two were spotted together at a party, a day after the news of Ranbir and Katrina's break-up was out.

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In fact, there was a time when Aditya was even trying hard to play a peacemaker between Ranbir and Katrina to patch them up.

Remember during Fitoor promotions how Adi would try all ways out to lift Katrina’s mood?

Katrina and Adi’s Dream Team performance: Katrina and Aditya’s ‘Fitoor’ love: This reminds us of how Adi had once also spoken in lengths about Katrina being really difficult to understand.

He had said, “I think there are many sides to Katrina.

Recently, they had a huge fight over her committing to go on the show.

So, Kat has now reconsidered her decision to placate her beau."Yet again, Katrina has decided to choose Ranbir over Salman.Some former couples parted amicably while others have displayed personal feuds in public for the world to feast their eyes on.As compiled from co-star Ranveer Singh, and Ranbir got into a relationship with Katrina.However, Katrina's decision to choose her professional commitment over her personal life irked Ranbir.But what seems as a big step, Katrina has decided to not promote her film anymore on Bigg Boss Nau, despite her prior commitment.She draws a very clear line between her personal life and her work persona.

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