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Ok Cupid is a free dating site with seven million users.

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“For example, we don’t tell you that you should or should not use a flash for your profile photo.

We just tell you that if you use a flash you’ll look seven years older.” I asked Yagan about the data on which Ok Trends draws. “Then we have stated preferences; the answers that people give to the questions we ask them.

“When you get 12 messages and you only reply to three of them, you are voting with your time,” Yagan said.

“Or when a guy is shorter than you, you don’t reply.” Mobile adds a new revealed preferences dimension for Ok Cupid.

“We called dozens of reporters and nobody cared,” Yagan said.

So Ok Cupid fired the PR firm and started publishing their findings on the Ok Trends blog. “The blog is partly an advice column, but instead of being written by a psychologist, the data writes itself,” Yagan said.

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But the founders’ backgrounds greatly influenced how they approached the problem of dating.

“A lot of other dating sites are based on psychology,” Yagan said.

We think that dating is a problem to be solved using data and analytics.

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