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No disrespect towards the millions of men serving in the military currently and dying to keep us safe.

Yes they get a lotta bitches for sure and have their own distinct set of groupies, but most women are trying to be with a dude who doesn’t actually kill people and is gone years at a time.

A black kid in the suburbs is shaped by the same culture and prejudices that a black kid in the city deals with.

Though the scales may be tipped further in certain aspects we mostly all live under the same rules and regulations of being black in today’s world. I know what all you Ashleys are thinking right now, I played volleyball in high school and I went to law school I know about pressure…. Sorry I love watching women’s sports and I know that you are all very driven and competitive but its not the same.

So hopefully with a few tips and a look inside the scrambled brain of a player maybe I can help those Ashleys to better understand Tyrone and maybe if you listen to me you can have a decent outcome and not just be baby mama #2 *ADVISORY* Most of my information pertains to the species of black football player.

While a lot of these things may be similar with white footballers, it can be very different, due to socioeconomic reasons, lifestyle, and ultimately being white.

Athletes are usually tall and in shape and spend most of their lives picking and choosing what girl they want due to participating in a sport.

Football players have now become today’s equivalent to those famous warriors from the past.Both had been drinking prior to meeting, according to testimony.Vandenburg tried to take the victim, who was unconscious, to her apartment, but could not get in.The Nashville jury found Brandon Banks, 23, guilty of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery after deliberating for about 15 hours over two days.The case stoked simmering concern about sexual assault on college campuses by athletes. "We are very satisfied with their verdict," Moore said.There's a lot more to do from here on." Teammates Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey, two of the four former Vanderbilt football players charged in the case along with Banks, were found guilty when tried together in January 2015 but a mistrial was declared.

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