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For 4-8 year olds, group keyboard lessons are common.

Some teachers find that technical progress is slower but motivation can be greater.

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There are a number of other brass instruments used in Brass Bands, such as cornet, tenor horn and baritone horn.

These are not standard instruments in some other ensembles but they are very close to other instruments in the family (eg.

It is possible for young school-aged children to learn guitar.

Bass guitar is suitable for students from year 3 onwards.

Some school groups will accommodate saxophones in an orchestra.

There are a range of other ensemble options, such as flute groups, saxophone quartets and so on.Other instruments become more suitable as children grow, partly due the size of the other instruments (Viola, Cello, Double Bass).These instruments are sometimes taught in groups to younger students but generally involve private tuition.Some students will continue to play recorder with individual lessons and/or play in a recorder ensemble.Many woodwind instruments share similar fingering and technique so it is possible to switch between instruments, for example from Clarinet to Saxophone.The common instruments in the woodwind family are used in orchestras, concert bands, brass bands, jazz bands and other instrumental ensembles.

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