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The permanent patch takes two forms: either the c IPL flasher that comes with the CFW, or the Infinity 6.61 patch (which is bit more involved but provides the same functionality). First check which version of the official firmware (OFW) your PSP is currently running by going into your Settings menu, then System Settings / System Information.

psp updating custom firmware-58

run the Configuration application from your PSP and scroll across to the Installed Modules page.

Choose the PRO CFW option to make your CFW permanent.

You will now have a file in the MAKER folder called DATA.

MFC, copy this file into the FLASHER folder on your memory card and now run the Flasher application from your PSP. You are technically still running the OFW at this stage, just a compromised version of it, so now you’ll need to reinstall the CFW just as you did in the Once that’s installed download the Infinity Configuration folder from Davee’s website, then unpack and copy the files within into your PSPGAME folder.

Need to get caught up on the previous week of Sony hacks? I'll break down some of the hottest leads of the past few days, and explain why they should matter to you. We've already posted a couple stories about the upcoming 6.20 LME permanent patch for PSP, and now it's finally here.

Regardless of what PSP model you have, now you can boot to ME custom firmware instantly!

If you've been watching our forums at all, then you know that camxpspx123 has been quite busy with his work updating drakon's Multicraft for PSP.

We've got a new download and video for you to watch that's just one click away!

If you have a PSP-2000 please first download PSPIdent, extract the PSPIdent folder to your PSPGAME directory, and run it.

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