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For boys, family conflict was not a predictor of bullying behavior, but both having delinquent friends and self-reported delinquency were predictors.

Among high school students, researchers found direct links between those who bullied and those who perpetrated teen dating violence.

Families play an important role by providing close relationships and a supportive environment.

In a study published in the "Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology" in 2003, researchers reported that parental supervision is a protective factor against dating violence.

One important goal of research on teen dating violence is to understand which youth are more vulnerable to experiencing violence in their relationships.

Identifying youth at risk for violence increases the likelihood of early intervention and prevention.

In middle school, aggression toward a sibling was a predictor of bullying behavior for both girls and boys.

For girls, family conflict and having delinquent friends were also predictors of bullying behavior.

The study also examined certain relationship-specific factors that might be associated with increased violence within the relationship: An NIJ-funded longitudinal study of 1,162 students in the Midwest examined factors that led teens to engage in bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence while in middle and high school.

The researchers found that youths who bullied other students while in middle school were more likely to engage in more serious forms of interpersonal aggression connected with dating and romantic relationships as they grew older.

Researchers seek to identify the risk factors indicating an increased likelihood for dating violence and the protective factors that buffer against dating violence.

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