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In addition to those women who draw their feminism from their faith in Islam, there are many who simply believe in both.

I personally view the equality of men and women as a basic, common sense position and struggle to see why anyone – male or female – would think otherwise.

It is astonishing that “Muslims”, and Muslim women, are so frequently spoken about as a monolithic block. That’s like saying you can be a Ku Klux Klan member and an anti-fascist.

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This is not to play tit-for-tat, but to point out that it is intensely reductive to claim that any single religion is inherently woman-hating.

The Bible and the Torah are comparable to the Qur’an in their statements on women; yet one does not commonly hear that “Judaism and feminism are a contradiction in terms” or that “you cannot be a Christian and a feminist”.

In writing this article, my intention is not to detract from the very real problems suffered by many Muslim women, or to argue that sexism in Islam does not exist.

It does exist, as threats against women activists in Asia and the Middle East demonstrate.

During the recent resurgence of the niqab debate in the UK, veiled – or even headscarf-wearing – women were initially absent from the discussion, until a few days into the furore when a few broadcasters and newspapers made an effort to redress the balance.

At home and abroad, the most common depiction of “the Muslim woman” is as a victim.

So, let me answer my own question: is it possible to be a Muslim and a feminist? As in any other large group of humans (there are 1 billion Muslims in the world, around half of whom are women), a huge range of views exist.

Some of these half a billion women are not feminists; some are.

Those views that I opened with – “isn’t that a contradiction in terms? I also encountered a lot of inspirational women who were strong, vocal, and fighting for their rights.

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