Professor dating student policy riley keough dating robert pattinson

This policy addresses potential conflict of interest situations applicable to all members of the University community: faculty and other academic personnel; students; senior managers, including Officers, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, and Deans; staff employees; and contract employees.

Professor dating student policy

For example, an employment action (e.g., new hire, promotion, position reclassification, reassignment of job responsibilities) or a decision of two employees to begin dating may result in a potential violation.

4.3 Failure to disclose a conflict of interest or failure to disclose in a timely manner shall constitute a violation of this policy. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT PLAN Upon appropriate disclosure pursuant to section 4 and as appropriate, the OIED will oversee the development, approval and monitoring of a conflict management plan to avoid a policy violation.

2.4 Employment Decision A decision that includes, but is not limited to, one relating to the search, selection, or appointment of an individual to employment; establishing the terms and conditions of employment; determining compensation; evaluating work performance; voting for or otherwise considering reappointment, promotion, or tenure; issuing disciplinary action; or any other action that assesses, determines, or influences work performance, career progress, or other employment status. PROHIBITED CONDUCT The prohibited conduct in this section shall be considered misconduct subject to disciplinary action.

3.1 Improper Relationships with Students 3.1.1 A University employee shall not have or share educational responsibility for any student enrolled at NC State with whom the employee has an amorous or familial relationship.

It is always the responsibility of the individual in authority to maintain appropriate professional boundaries.

Individuals in authority are expected to be aware of their professional responsibilities and avoid apparent or actual conflict of interest, favoritism, or bias.3.3 Academic or Job-Related Requests A University employee shall not require or request a subordinate student or employee to perform a task or duty that is unrelated to the student’s academic program or to the employee’s job responsibilities and that would be of personal benefit to the University employee. DUTY TO DISCLOSE The inherent fact or semblance of a conflict of interest created by an amorous or familial relationship should be disclosed in order to avoid a potential violation of this policy.4.1 New Employee / Student Upon hire (new employee) or academic enrollment (student), an individual has a duty to disclose the conflict of interest by contacting the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED).The intent of this policy is to provide assurance that all students and employees are able to learn or work in an environment where they can be objectively supervised, instructed, or evaluated.This policy defines the types of interpersonal relationships among faculty, staff and students that by their very existence create an inherent conflict of interest that affects a student or employee’s ability to be objectively supervised, instructed or evaluated.Failure to adhere to an approved conflict management plan shall constitute a violation of this policy. DISCIPLINARY ACTION Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

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