Principals dating staff dating or violence

Growing up without much money in Selma, Ala., she experienced how empowering the classroom can be.

It’s the second full week of instruction at the start of the second year of Hardy’s tenure as principal.

The administrator, a wiry, intense young woman, is cautiously optimistic.

“She herself had been the first in her family to go to college. She had experience working with teachers.” And, he adds, “She was driven.” Still, basic questions loomed: Could she really help revive Sylvanie Williams — and would she even survive long in the job herself?

• • • It’s perhaps not surprising Hardy ended up doing something in education.

This is one reason nearly 30 percent of principals who lead troubled schools quit every year.

By Year 3, more than half of all principals leave their jobs.'I understand how racially insensitive the guideline was.' Parents however said they would not be satisfied until Hoffman was fired.'The parents said that as black people we are used to being the only black person in the classroom and no one is making sure we are comfortable,' Denise Ford told The Tampa Bay Times after the meeting. We accept your apology, but you have to go,' she added.Hoffman will work in the school district's headquarters until it completes its investigation.The principal hired teachers, interpreted directives from the district and state, and balanced the budget (in theory).Day to day, this meant wrestling with innumerable smaller tasks: handling the concerns of parents, disciplining unruly kids, negotiating food service contracts, and figuring out what to do with the balky air conditioner in the gym.In it, she said white students, who are all aged between five and ten, should 'be in the same class'.

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