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If you bought a service such as one of those mentioned, you can cancel by giving the operator of the business you dealt with a written notice of cancellation.

The contract must be cancelled within 10 days of signing the contract, or 10 days after the services become available, whichever happens later.

We monitor and value that.”The ability to have affordable legal services focused on meeting specific clients’ needs is the core of the prepaid legal market’s requirements.

Notice of the cancellation must be in writing and delivered to the business within the 10-day period.

It is advisable to keep a copy of the written cancellation and the proof that it was delivered.

“What we really value and consider our real secret is that all of the lawyers in our network absolutely must believe in and buy into the Legal Shield customer service model.

We have very stringent expectations of our lawyers in terms of timeliness, responsiveness, explanations, and helpful representation.

To date the company has 1.6 million families “protected” by the legal plan, he says and also over 140,000 companies to whom the company provides the firm’s benefit or who are members of the group. Legal Shield have ‘designated’ firms in every state (as well as in Canada) and panels of attorneys.

The legal support network comprises lawyers with appropriate practical experience and expertise.If the 10-day cancellation period has ended yet you still wish to cancel the contract, you may be able to do so.If you did not receive a copy of the contract, you have one year from the date you entered into the agreement to cancel it.We now have a will inside of our mobile app, where the customer answers a few questions and speaks with his or her law firm, which can then complete that will.The services are set for further expansion as the legal market becomes more fragmented and technology provides opportunities that didn’t exist previously.Not intended as do-it-yourself law, the prepaid market is another example of a legal market being mined by entrerpreneurs providing the services the clients always wanted but could either not afford or did not know how to go about reaching them.

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