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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, by 1600 the last two letters were dropped because people believed the word was plural, forming the singular "pea" that we know today.As most peas are a cool-weather crop, historians believe the main centre of pea development was middle Asia, including northwest India and Afghanistan.In their dried form, peas could be stored throughout the winter months.

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The French became known for their exceptional tiny peas called , a name still used today.

Some areas of France became so well known for their peas that the names of towns such as Saint-Germain and Clamart were attached to the names of recipes incorporating the little peas.

Though the heat of the canning process destroys the chlorophyll that gives peas their natural bright green color, the dull, olive green color and distinct canned flavor did not discourage true pea aficionados.

Canned peas turned up frequently as a familiar side dish on English and American dinner plates.

Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, conducted experiments on how pea plants reproduced, and created the science of genetics.

Educated at the University of Vienna, his experiments in the1860s led to standard laws of genetic inheritance.

He recognized that some of the pea plant's traits were dominant while others were recessive.

Mendel died in obscurity, but in 1900 his work was rediscovered and his contribution to the study of genetics recognized.

The advent of frozen vegetables in the 1920s and 1930s provided a new advantage for peas.

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