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But then her entire group went to a table with Koreans. Outside I see a bunch of ladyboys who are beautiful and really put 90% of females to shame, but I am scared of penises. If you had scrolled further you would have a seen a "Chat rooms and Pen Pals" thread. I arrived late at night at my room at the Rothman Hotel in Ermita because it was convenient for a meeting the next day. Unable to sleep, I decided to wander around the old haunts. There was some cute FLers there that might have appealed to me on a night that I was less jet-lagged.

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I like the sounds of LA Cafe, compared with other pick up bars. I see myself being in exactly the same situation when I arrive in Manila, late at night, jet-lagged and unsure if I have the energy for a full night of fun.

Ideally I would like to find a place for a quick BJ on the premises. How easy or difficult is it to get two girl or soft lesbi fun going with Filipina girls?

Already traffic is a clusterfuck due to Roxas lanes being closed. - it is an open area and the papasan told me anyone can request music and sing. - this floor had a live band, booths and a few karaoke rooms. Similar quality maybe slightly better girls compared to downstairs. - I think booths are free as long as you pay the entrance fee and bar fine. I'm sure the girls are willing to spend some more time with the right guy. - the unlimited drinks consisted of two 750 ML bottles with broken seals LOL. I heard that many Filipinos (especially those in the P4P industry) heavily prefer Caucasians. The girls have seen and done everything with people from all over the world. On the other hand if looking to date normal girls it may work to your advantage. Don't get me wrong, if you are in the neighborhood it is always worth checking out. You might find a rare diamond in the rough and if you are don't care much about looks, there are plenty of very friendly FL's hanging out there. Talking about FL's and SW's, I have had much better luck with Burgos Street "massage girls". And lastly this is a "when in Rome" suggestion: don't resist it, unless you can't afford it.

https:// If you plan to visit LA Cafe or any parts of bayside Manila you will find you are restricted in movement. I didn't stick around the first floor long enough to see if this is true. - 2,500 per person for 2 hours of karaoke room with unlimited drinks. I was there in August, they had just opened up downstairs but not upstairs; I was the only customer. The location is right next door to EDSA Entertainment. The girls were dressed better than their EDSA sisters but as most of us know, a dress can obscure more than a bikini can. One was soju and the other was some whiskey I forgot. Being with a Philippino looking person they may avoid being perceived as P4 P. If they think you are cheap they may shy away from you. I fondly recall my last one, a cute as she could be, barely 18 year old. A much better selection of girls, quality wise, ARE found in Burgos & EDSA Bars.

5 minutes later we were on the way back to Rothmans. I had forgotten how sweet these Filipino FLers can be and was thanking my lucky stars to be back in the promised land.

The next two hours was a blur of deep kissing and mattress-busting activities until we both were spent. She gave me her contact info, but I never had time to see her again.

Also someone from management just had to come in every 10 minutes to talk about nothing. Last but not least, an extra 20% if you use credit card LOL. They had a drink menu, but no menu for service options. However I really liked the interior, was beautiful. Looked like a fancy club, but with much brighter lighting.

(See my post in the pic forum.) She seemed sweet and friendly to boot.

There will be about 15 of them and maybe a few more upstairs. I looked around the entire club and there were a couple of 8's /9's. Interior is not that modern or classy, kind of old. If you want to go clubbing with friends I would just go to Makati. As a first timer I will be gentle with you and not poke scorn at your inability to look into this forum further. I classified this as a Predator place in my mind, where I was the prey. So Wazoo, what's the damage for a girl like Miss Hot Pants?

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