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Easing into the comfort Singapore provides, people end up staying longer than initially expected.One can benefit from a faster career trajectory in Asia, while enjoying the familiarity of their former Western life.I booked beach getaways the week I wanted to leave. Singapore itself is super safe and has a great transportation system. You can explore various cultures just by going to different parts of the city.

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The one who buys the nicest and cheapest item wins the game. Pack a basket of food and have a picnic in the park.

Challenge each other to buy something nice yet really cheap.

So thinking, finding paper and a pen, thinking again and writing the ideas down will definitely take time.

Play a game of Monopoly but add a new twist to this classic game (Strip Monopoly, perhaps?

Its access to exotic locales, new condos, safety and stellar transportation systems make it an ideal spot to settle down.

The tropical setting allows winter-weather dwellers across the world to bathe themselves in sunlight all year long.

During this day, you will treat your husbands like kings. Wives, surprise your husbands by cooking a sumptuous feast for him on an ordinary day. Discuss your views and see if there is a picture or painting that you both like.

Unleash your imagination so you can really make your wife happy. When she asks you “why”, answer her by saying “Just because…” 38. You can go against each other or join forces to fight against a virtual enemy. Check out the theatre listing and book tickets for a play that interests you both. You and your spouse can visit art exhibits and pretend to be art critics for a day.

Collect some pictures and do scrap booking together. (If your results aren’t satisfactory, then you know the test is floozy!

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