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And that's like by the way, not love, if that comes then it comes later, just in case Lycra man gets the wrong idea, again.

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"I liked three of their posts but I'm not going to over like, I've moved on from that" continues the second.

"It's funny how if you chase them and they like you they think you're romantic but if they don't like you they think you're a stalker." "Are you a stalker? "No, I'm a romantic but I've been accused of being a stalker.

You can't just propose you now have to do it with a flash mob, a lip sync, a choreographed group of friends all with smart phones, gopros and action cams videoing every moment so a whole world of strangers can view it later. There's now companies to arrange your marriage proposal within an inch of it's Instagram life, lest the male (or female) dare to do something simply heart felt and private to the love of their life.

It's as bad as the classic engagement ring question - show us your rock, a.k.a how much did he spend on you?

Dangle enough data for her to find you on Linked In or Facebook.

Never underestimate the power of “Looking for a connection.” You write: “Hey, wuts up? Now I’m feeling kind of bad about people I may have overlooked because all they wrote was a mere “Hello, [YOUR NAME HERE].” So, hey, here I go: “Hello, [HER NAME HERE].” Try this: After the third volley, make the call to action: “We can’t really learn about chemistry on an app, Want to grab a drink Thursday?

She thinks: Tinder is a Greyhound bus full of slobbering old men.

Try this: Stop carpet bombing; investigate surgical strikes.

But there's still a lot, scratch that, there's everything to be said for real human connection, face to face, breathing the same air in the same space.

A space where all the senses feed your positive intuition not just a random set of images feeding your fear (if you're Lycra man).

Trouble is, for my breakfast mate in Lycra, he's making judgements, valuations and decisions based on a social media profile rather than going straight to the source, he's buying into what he sees (who honestly tags bad photos of themselves?

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